Why Nutrition matters in healthcare outcomes?

Diet-related diseases produce crushing health, the food and drinks you intake in your body have an effect on everything you do. Even-though you work, exercise or just sleep what's in your body makes a huge difference. Many chronic diseases and illnesses start only with bad eating habits. Most of these health issues are preventable with maintenance of healthy diet and active lifestyle. Health issues and Chronic diseases are the result of poor nutritional habits. Often, these d

Right Nutrition Cured Cancer

Nature is magical, it has the best ways to heal us inside out. We are also a part of nature so nothing is best cure other than plant based natural food. I met a lot of people who are on Plant based meal plan, they claimed that it has cured even Cancer in some of them. This disease being both a debilitating and expensive condition is confounded the best medical minds in search of a cure. A new documentary, “The Food Cure,” was set out to feature the very real struggle of cance