• Swathi Arulguppe Nagendra

Right Nutrition Cured Cancer

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Nature is magical, it has the best ways to heal us inside out. We are also a part of nature so nothing is best cure other than plant based natural food. I met a lot of people who are on Plant based meal plan, they claimed that it has cured even Cancer in some of them. This disease being both a debilitating and expensive condition is confounded the best medical minds in search of a cure. A new documentary, “The Food Cure,” was set out to feature the very real struggle of cancer patients and their families by following their lives for five years. The film breathes new light into the accepted standards of cancer treatment and offers an alternative to the harsh chemotherapy and radiation so often prescribed by doctors. What if plant-based nutrition could be the cure?

The plant based diet is not only devoid of all animal products, but gluten, sugar, alcohol, salt, oil, and other trigger foods as well. The patients would make and consume a fresh juice every hour, typically consisting of either greens, carrot, or carrot apple. None of the people featured in the film were vegan to start, and the film captured their experiences (and many frustrations) with this plant-based plan. Some of them slowly got adapted to the new food habits and saw massive improvements in their health and some were cured of it completely. Everything really comes down to what we eat in the day isn't it? It's just we always forget to eat right.

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