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Give your Gut the attention it deserves

Hyper-functional Nutritional treatments to help restore your Gut Health
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"The one size fits all solution in Gut and Nutrition is Fad"​BetterMeal AI is a spearhead in Gut health, Omics, and artificial intelligence that reveals the connection between the gut universe and food to help restore human health.​ Gut and food have played a vital role in human health and we have yet to realize the full potential of both.


Our AI technology helps you identify specific foods that specifically work for your Gut and heal issues like PCOS, Thyroid, Type 2 Diabetes, IBD, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's disease, and Celiac. ​We also understand food at the molecular level, finding unique insights into food in connection with bodies. Our A.I. powered DEVOUT explores the unexplored depths of Gut health identifies the inflammatory markers earlier and helps heal them in a strategic way.

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Hyper-Functional Nutritional Treatments

BetterMeal AI uses proven science to empower people to heal their health conditions for good and not just manage the disease. Molecular Markers are the greatest untapped opportunity for gut health and food. We have built the tools to capture it. 

Food Science, Vitamins, Minerals and


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Putting Microbiomes to work

BetterMeal AI is developing Nutrition based therapies to help improve treatment for patients suffering from chronic diseases.

BetterMeal AI platform identifies various food sources and connects them to specific human health benefits accelerating recovery from years to months. 

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