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Guiding you with customized nutritional recommendations for chronic health issues, insights based on Gut and knowledge to make mindful food choices

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Who We Are

Gut and food have played a vital role in human health and we have yet to realize the full potential of both. BetterMeal AI is a data company with the technology to provide nutritional treatments for chronic health issues like PCOS, Thyroid, Type 2 Diabetes, IBD and Celiac. We help you identify specific foods works for your body. We identify the hidden biomarkers in gut that can impact your health.

How it works

BetterMeal AI's core AI technology is one of the largest digital platform that reveals the interaction between gut and food. The reviver algorithm is a deep technology capable of predicting and helping you feel better with clinical validation.

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We have charted a unique Gut-Nutrition Connection

BetterMeal AI is a leading provider of first kind of a food based clinical study and deep technology, offering food based treatments for specific chronic health issues. Founded by Data Scientist and a Gynaecologist who started by scribbling their ideas on a piece of paper followed by clinical studies and today we offer precise nutritional solutions and have created large community of ~500,000 and growing.

We analyze deep connections between food and human gut. Our AI technology discovers food based treatment plans, detects new ingredients, and identifies food sources that contain the greatest abundance of helpful combinations. 

Meet The Team

Our team is made up of bright and like-minded individuals, who have come together to explore endless possibilities. We come from a variety of different fields and technical backgrounds, yet our passion for BetterMeal AI ties us all together. Check out the people who make BetterMeal AI the amazing company it truly is.


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"I was undergoing a lot of issues and pain due to endometriosis and I was emotionally very fragile. After using BetterMeal AI the app actually helped me understand my symptomatic patterns better and I was amazed how everything from my PCOS, hormonal imbalance was connected to my gut. The app helped me understand triggers of my endo pain, I was extremely hyper. Post Meal treatment I have noticed a positive change inside my body. The food definitely helped me balance the hormones and over the period of time, I started feeling lighter. I am thankful to BetterMeal AI for keeping track of my diet and helping me out to notice if I was going wrong in my diet."

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